Wartezimmer Behandlung

Science, Research and Teaching

Our practical work offers great satisfaction on a day-to-day basis.

Nevertheless we strive to keep an eye on innovative treatment methods, changes in material or other trends within this interesting discipline. Whilst profit-making and economic efficiency are important, they may not guarantee maintenance of our own qualifications and scholarly credibility. This is due to the never-ending cycle of knowledge creation as well as continuous emergence of new orthodontist treatment methods. To stay in touch with the field and create a balance to the “bureaucracy” of running a successful practice, we actively engage in high-level research and scientific publications.

KFO-Uniklinik Homburg/Saar
For a substantial period, Dr. Björn Ludwig has worked closely with the University Clinic Saarland (Director:...

To date, Dr. Ludwig has travelled widely and been invited to present his scientific research at International...

Academic Publications
Both Dr. Bettina Glasl and Dr. B. Ludwig are active researchers and have developed ground-breaking innovations such...

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