Wartezimmer Behandlung

No need to worry!

Don’t worry! The man in the green T-shirt who sits down next to you in the treatment room won’t bite.

dr1_2.jpgThis is Dr. Björn Ludwig, one of our two Orthodontists. He will make sure that your teeth will get better soon and grow in a straight line, providing you with that picture perfect smile. Because he has four children himself, he knows exactly how scary it is to get a dental treatment. Dr. Ludwig will explain everything in great detail so you always know what’s going on inside your mouth at any time.

dr2.jpgAnd now we are ready to go. At the first appointment we will just have a quick look at your teeth and consult with your parents on the best treatment plan. Upon your second visit, we’ll take a print of your jaws (to build a model) but no need to worry. There may be some strange noises but that’s normal. There will also be an orthodontist’s nurse throughout the appointment but you already know her.

Done! One final check in the mirror and you are ready to go. Another reason to smile as your orthodontist treatment is now completed. Plus, your mum will be even more proud of you now.